Enrichment Center

Westover Christian Academy's Enrichment Center provides a place and time for students to meet with a qualified, loving teacher to enhance learning and meet individual academic goals.

Services of the Enrichment Center will include:

  • Assessment of individual need
  • Tutorial or academic intervention
  • Individualized Educational Plans for students
  • Individualize remedial reading program Enrichment classes and/or materials for the academically advanced.

Is my child eligible for these services?

Students are chosen for the Enrichment Center Program based on need with the following criteria:

  • Those WCA students who are tested and diagnosed with a learning difference may be admitted to tutorial, or intervention services.
  • A WCA student who experiences a severe academic set-back due to extended absences, late enrollment, or faces challenges in a particular subject area may use short-term intervention, tutorial, and/or testing services.
  • A WCA student who is recommended by a teacher and who shows an advanced achievement score larger that two grade levels above his/her current grade and an I.Q./Ability Score of 128 or above may be considered for enrichment classes.

What does it cost?

Fees are set according to the services desired. Current fee information is available at the Westover Christian Academy business office.

For more information, contact Nancy Hamlett (Director of Admissions) at nhamlett@westoverministries.org or (434)822-0800.