Expected student outcomes


  • Acquire a personal knowledge of and a relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Recognize and understand the attributes of God
  • Possess skills for studying the Scriptures as God's inspired word
  • Display attitudes of love, respect, and obedience toward God and His Word
  • Possess a knowledge/understanding of the basic fundamentals of the Christian faith
  • Develop Christ-like character qualities
  • Understand the role of and be involved in the local church


  • Master grade-level standards in the areas of language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and technology
  • Integrate biblical truth into each academic area
  • Develop rational and critical thinking skills to be able to evaluate, discern, interpret, problem solve, and to make wise decisions
  • Develop creative abilities and appreciation for the fine arts through expression, academics, and personal experience
  • Possess the educational foundation, study skills, and work ethic necessary to pursue God's will for further education and/or employment beyond high school


  • Accept himself/herself as an individual created in the image of God with gifts and abilities to be developed and utilized for His glory
  • Develops skills for interpersonal relationships: treating others with love and respect without regard to culture, social status, or position
  • Attains self-discipline and personal responsibility, understanding that choices lead to consequences
  • Establish a life style of physical fitness, sportsmanship, and good health habits


  • Experience various opportunities for service and leadership
  • Gain an understanding and appreciation of our country including: it's history, democratic process, and each citizen's responsibility
  • Establish both good and proper attitudes toward work, finances, marriage, and family, and the understanding and skills needed to establish God-honoring homes
  • Implement a Biblical Worldview in the current culture