Westover Christian Academy desires to be a safe place for all that attend and minister. We believe that these preventative steps will promote the safety of children and those personnel who work with them.

WCA has adopted a prevention program to reduce the possibility of child abuse of any kind occurring within this ministry. This program  employs education, policies and consistent process to be followed. Effective education will increase awareness of the nature of this issue. Prudent policies, proven successful in other situations, are implemented to safeguard children, youth, and all personnel. 


  • Personnel includes anyone who works in any capacity with children age 18 or younger within our ministry.
  • Child Abuse includes (a) non-accidental physical injury, (b) sexual contact or exploitation between an adult or caregiver and a child or adolescent even if the victim gives consent, (c) neglect, and (d) emotional distress.
  • Sexual Harassment includes (a) written or oral comments, suggestions, or jokes of a sexual nature, and (b) non-verbal expression of sexually suggestive or graphic material of any kind or insulting gestures, sounds, whistling or the like to another person.

EMPloyee to student sexual harassment

Employee to student sexual harassment is prohibited.

Student to student sexual harassment

Student to student sexual harassment is prohibited.

What to do if you experience or observe sexual harassment

Students who feel that they have been subjected to conduct of a harassing or abusive nature are encouraged to promptly report the matter to one of the school officials.

Students and/or employees who observe conducts of a sexually harassing or abusive nature are also encouraged to report the matter to one of the school officials.

Administration is specifically authorized to receive complaints and to respond to the questions regarding sexual harassment or child abuse.


Every effort will be made to protect the privacy of the parties involved in any complaint. However, the school reserves the right to fully investigate every complaint and to notify a student's parent/guardian and appropriate government officials as the circumstances warrant.