Westover Varsity Soccer! GRITTY WIN in Greensboro!

The Bulldogs won 1-0 over Vandalia Vikings in Greensboro on a Gritty performance. The Bulldogs were down two starters Thursday evening but held on to the victory. Westover was led by its defense Thursday night. Senior captain Isaac Motley led in the grit with relentless hustle. Sophomore Luke Barber stepped into the goalie position and had 9 saves. Freshman Ethan Joyce, and sophomores Chris Massengale and Connor White added solid defensive efforts. Midfielders freshman Isaac Voneime and junior Chris Miller added support. The only goal of the night came on hustle play and  beautiful shot by Junior Matt Moore. Westover improves to 11-3-1 on the season. The Bulldogs play in the state quarterfinals on October 21.