We traveled to Rocky Mount Tuesday and participated in a five-team event with 89 runners on a cool, sunny afternoon.


Our MS boys, Varsity girls, and Varsity boys placed second in each of their competitions and our MS girls placed first!


MS boys were led by Christopher Bowman (13:20), Colston Ware (13:23), Blake Johnson (14:00), Keeley Bettendorf (14:32), and Trey Leopold (14:39). All five runners finished in the top 15 out of 29 participants.

Varsity girls were led by Lanie Crumpton (25:52), Noelle Stewart (25:54.15), Taylor Waller (25:54.84), and Reagan Massengale (25:55). Just three seconds separated our four girls! Outstanding!

Varsity boys were led by Noah Barber (20:21 and fourth overall), Alex Boaz (21:12), Grayson Buckley (22:12), Grayson Bettendorf (22:14), Ashton Bettendorf (22:27), and Nathan Crozier (23:38).

MS girls were led by Gracie Johnson (14:01 and first overall), LaiCie Walker (14:04 and second overall), Kayleigh Johnson (16:10), Brooke Barrington (17:59), and Joanna Chen (19:19). All of our girls finished in the top 14 out of 16.


Thursday we travel to Pleasant Garden, NC and compete against Vandalia Christian.


Last race of the regular season is at home Monday against Vandalia.


State tourney is Saturday, October 26 in Rocky Mount.