WCA ALUMNI... Where They Are Now... WCA is honored to present Thomas Collins! Thomas is a 1999 graduate of Westover Christian Academy. He is a Lieutenant and Training Officer for the Danville Fire Department. Thank you so much Thomas for your commitment to keep our community safe. Thomas and his wife Sarah are blessed with three children. Sarah is also a graduate of WCA. #wheretheyarenow #WCAalumni #firesafetymonth #danvillefiredepartment
about 3 years ago, Jessica Beach
WCA Alumni Thomas Collins and his three children
Westover Christian Academy posted in our Friday Flyer that we had an opportunity to replace our 24/7 internal security lights with LED’s. We are very thankful to a WCA family that made that possible!! Thank you!!
about 3 years ago, John Cline
24/7 lights
When it’s trimester review time students get to be the teacher! That way other students can hear it from a different point of view.
about 3 years ago, Kelley Williamson
Student at board
Thanks Laura Tyree and Essel Propack for the donation of speed bumps. They look great and safety for Gods children!
about 3 years ago, John Cline
Speed Bumps
We are Blessed to have wonderful families to come read to our class.
about 3 years ago, Paula Perez
Thank for coming to read to our class today!!
Fun with letter "Ss" Shaving cream,snakes, and seeds!
about 3 years ago, Jennifer Reutter
Making S's in shaving cream
Stringing our beads to make snakes
Fifth grade students mailing business letters for their service project asking for support for God’s Pit Crew.
about 3 years ago, Jill Cline
Fifth Grade business letters.
WCA is blessed to have a caring, loving, and talented art teacher! Happy fall from 3rd grade!
about 3 years ago, Nikki Owen
We love birthday celebrations in 4th Grade! 🥳
about 3 years ago, Sheila Nance
A fourth grade boy celebrating his birthday!
A fourth grade girl celebrating her birthday!
This sweet girl said the most precious thing today, “My teacher is pregnant-she has already been diagnosed.” I love the sweet things children say 😄
about 3 years ago, Sheila Nance
4th grade girl posing for a pic
Security is a priority at WCA. We have 29 security cameras in place to help insure that our students are safe.
about 3 years ago, Lisa Gibson
Security Cameras
Pumpkin stamping with orange paint in K2!
about 3 years ago, Laura Beth Trammell
5th graders work hard, but keep it fun preparing for their test.
about 3 years ago, Beth Shipton
Students work
Student with legos
Preparing for trimesters tests!
about 3 years ago, Jim Barber
Trimester prep
Mrs. Perez’s class celebrated a special girl today!!
about 3 years ago, Paula Perez
Happy Birthday!!🎂🎉🎁
Birthdays at WCA
about 3 years ago, Carmen Spencer
Happy Birthday at WCA
Second grade is off to a good start selling our fruit. Go second grade!
about 3 years ago, Amy Davis
Second grade
Lunch with parents is special😍
about 3 years ago, Ruth Deaver
Lunch with parents
Earth Science students building clay mountains and then drawing their own topographic maps.
about 3 years ago, Kelly Burton
Topo map
Topo map
Topo map
Topo map
4th Graders design their own Amusement Park attractions based on Coney Island-America’s First Amusement Park
about 3 years ago, Sheila Nance
4th Grade Amusement Park Designs based on our study of Coney Island