Reading is “SNOW” much fun! K4 enjoyed a special mystery reader this week! Our wonderful parent volunteer read “Snowmen at Night” and brought a tasty snowman treat! Thank you Mrs. Griffin for making reading fun and exciting!
about 4 years ago, Jessica Beach
Mystery Reader
Tasty Snowmen treats!
Mystery Reader Fun!
Mystery Reader Fun
It was great being in the WCA gym this morning! Winterblast has begun! Thankful for willing students, coaches, volunteers, and administration that all came together to make this league possible.
about 4 years ago, Megan Dalton
Super proud of wca cheerleaders tonight! They did some pretty awesome stunts and cheering! #wcacheer
about 4 years ago, John Cline
Wow sooo high.
Spirit week is here!!!
about 4 years ago, Kelly Burton
I took this off of Facebook today. Very well said. Thank you to so many people involved to make Winter-blast so special for our young players and cheerleaders. . Dylan and I volunteered to coach a 4th through 6th grade team at WCA’s winter blast this year. If anybody needs to smile and just plain feel good about life come on out on Saturday Morning and watch these kids play. It is pure love for a game at its core! One of our players told me before we started “Coach this is the best day of my life, my first basketball game!” Our job is not so much to teach X’s and O’s but to make sure that love of the game never wavers as they get older. We took the L today but played hard and never gave up!!!
about 4 years ago, John Cline
What great support and involvement for opening day of Winterblast basketball at WCA
about 4 years ago, John Cline
Opening day
Today Mrs. Bowman’s class celebrated Sebastian’s Birthday 🎈
about 4 years ago, Terri Bowman
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Sebastian 🎈our class enjoyed eating birthday cake that was made by Sebastian’s mom!!
about 4 years ago, Terri Bowman
Happy Birthday 🎈
K2 did a STEM activity, building an “ice castle.”
about 4 years ago, Laura Beth Trammell
Ice cups
And it was a big win tonight for all 3 of our boys basketball teams at Timberlake, and a hard fought game for our varsity girls. Go Bulldogs!!
about 4 years ago, Leslie Barber
Basketball team
First graders enjoy Christmas Show and Tell!
about 4 years ago, Michelle East
Show and Tell
Show and Tell
Happy Birthday to our 4th grader. A sweet celebration with mom and dad at lunch today! 🥳
about 4 years ago, Sheila Nance
Mom and dad celebrate birthday
4th graded a dad
In chapel today, the elementary students learned about Peru and the work that God is doing there. Thank you David and Jenny Hancock, missionaries to Peru, for sharing and bringing each class a gift! We can’t wait to play soccer at recess!
about 4 years ago, Nikki Owen
Go get ‘em today MS Boys! 🏀
about 4 years ago, Sheila Nance
MS Basketball player
MS Basketball Player
MS Basketball Player
MA basketball player
Elementary chapel learning a new worship song.
about 4 years ago, Dawn Saunders
Some of the 2nd graders helped lead a fun song with motions in chapel this morning. They did an awesome job!
about 4 years ago, Nikki Owen
Celebrating a spiritual birthday 🥳🙌🏼 I am so proud of you!! This young fella accepted Jesus as his Savior this week!
about 4 years ago, Sheila Nance
4th grader celebrating his spiritual birthday!
Missionaries at our Elementary Chapel today. Spoke about God’s greatest gift to us... Jesus! Then they gave each class a gift. A soccer ball which everyone plays in Peru. Please pray for David and Jenny Hancock-Missionaries in Peru 🙏
about 4 years ago, Sheila Nance
Gifts from special speakers
Freshman class practicing to lead worship today.
about 4 years ago, Dawn Saunders
The Westover middle school boys played against Sacred Heart School on Thursday evening and came away with a decisive victory! The Bulldogs came out strong and took a commanding lead with a score of 26-10 after the first half. Westover had 8 different players score in Thursday night’s game and were led in scoring by Anderson Nance who scored 22; just shy of half of the team’s total points! The Westover boys won the game with a final score of 45-25. The middle school boys record now stands at 4-3.
about 4 years ago, Jim Barber