High school lunch is always fun at WCA!
about 3 years ago, Heather McDowell
Lunch time
Freshman lunch
XC meet today at Hagan Stone Park! Go Bulldogs!
about 3 years ago, Terry Reynolds
XC meet
Buddy enjoying some attention from the MS XC team😊
about 3 years ago, Leslie Barber
Golden retriever with XC runners after the race
Earth Science students studying seismic waves and using triangulation to locate the epicenter of an earthquake.
about 3 years ago, Kelly Burton
Eq lab
Eq lab
Eq lab
Eq lab
Watch out, it’s raining eggs!! We had a blast dropping our eggs from the first story and second story this morning. Four of the six survived the first story and two of the six survived both! #physicsisfun
about 3 years ago, Kelley Williamson
Students broken egg drop
Students outside
Student selfir
Spanish 1 students enjoyed a group activity today recreating the class story for the current unit.
about 3 years ago, Diane Richardson
Group activity
Third Grade was the winner of the “Build a Boat with Seniors” contest at Bulldog Bash! They enjoyed one-on-one time with the Seniors as they helped them build their very own wooden boats.
about 3 years ago, Nikki Owen
Boat building
Building boat
Boy with boat
Group picture
Alexis loves replacing and tying our trash bags each day! Thanks so much!! We appreciate you!
about 3 years ago, Sheila Nance
Alexis loves replacing our trash bags and tying them each day!  Thank you so much!  We appreciate you!!
Mrs. Gibson is always willing to help students, teachers, and parents!!
about 3 years ago, Maryann Thompson
Boat building 1 has the bottom installed and now getting ready to work on the interior of their Bevin’s Skiff. Looking good!
about 3 years ago, Dan East
Bevin’s Skiff goes right side up for the first time.
Word Family building in first grade Phonics class this morning.
about 3 years ago, Michelle East
Building Word Families in First Grade
Building Word Families
Building Word Families
WCA students led worship and gave testimonies last night at the FCA Fields of Faith at Tunstall High School. Continue to be a light in your community Aaron, Anna, Greyson, and Matthew! So proud of you!!
about 3 years ago, Kelly Burton
K5 field trip to White Fall Farm in Gretna, VA
about 3 years ago, Laura Williams
Finding mini pumpkins hidden in the field
Hay Maze!
Mrs. Williams’ Class
Hay Castle!
2nd grade girls in “outer space”!
about 3 years ago, Joyce Holdren
2nd grade
After studying Matt. 5:27-32, eighth grade students pray for marriages and their future spouses!
about 3 years ago, Alison Williamson
Eighth grade prayer groups in Bible class
Eighth grade Bible prayer groups
Eighth grade Bible prayer groups
2nd grade boys building a pet dog!
about 3 years ago, Joyce Holdren
2nd grade
Having fun on a rainy day at indoor recess.
about 3 years ago, Kelly Brown
Having fun on a rainy day at indoor recess.
Mrs. Davis’ class having an exciting expo spelling challenge.
about 3 years ago, Amy Davis
Second grade
Second grade reading bookmark project.
about 3 years ago, Amy Davis
Mrs. Perez’s class loves to have families to come read to them!
about 3 years ago, Paula Perez
Mr. Jon